Weekly Newsletter

Week 7 Newsletter

Over the past weekend, we visited the practice field of Team 1114. Within just an hour, we managed to exhaust one of the motors on the practice robot. On the brighter side, our testing of the competition robot showed some progress, although there is still ample room for improvement.

Week 6 Newsletter

We initiated the robot-painting procedure last week, and it proved to be a more intricate task than one might think. The initial phase involved dismantling the robot and subjecting its components to sandblasting for thorough cleaning. Subsequently, we applied paint using electrostatic powder coating. Following this, we placed the parts in an oven, allowing it to reach a temperature of 400°F, a process that typically takes up to an hour.

Week 2-5 Newsletter

On Saturday, February 10th, Quickstrike welcomed a visit from Sam Oosterhoff, MPP of Niagara West. During his visit, students provided an overview of this year’s game and conducted a demonstration of the robot. The discussion delved into the intricacies of the robot’s construction and assembly process, exploring the diverse skills necessary to accomplish these tasks.

Week 1 Newsletter

Quickstrike Niagara had an eventful weekend! Saturday was Kickoff, which is when the new game is revealed for competition season. During our meeting on Saturday, we reviewed the game manual and examined it carefully. We divided the manual into sections, assigned a group to work on each section, and then each group presented their section to the entire team. This ensured everyone understood the game. Afterwards, we talked about the different ways to play the game and different strategies we could use to play at competitions.