Team 6978 Week 6 Update

February 2024

Thank you for all your support of our team! Without your sponsorship, this build season would not be possible. Here is what we have been working on over the past week.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

We initiated the robot-painting procedure last week, and it proved to be a more intricate task than one might think. The initial phase involved dismantling the robot and subjecting its components to sandblasting for thorough cleaning. Subsequently, we applied paint using electrostatic powder coating. Following this, we placed the parts in an oven, allowing it to reach a temperature of 400°F, a process that typically takes up to an hour. Once the oven attains the desired temperature, we leave the components inside for 5 minutes to complete the coating process. After cooling, we reassemble the robot.


Robot before being painted


Robot after being painted


Next Steps

During this week, our efforts were directed towards minimizing the workload on the driver and operator through increased automation of various robot functions. A notable addition was the Autoshot system, leveraging our enhanced vision program to determine the robot's position. This system calculates the optimal angle and velocity for shooting a note. Utilizing these upgraded tools, we engaged in extensive practice sessions aimed at successfully shooting into the Amp and Speaker. Ultimately, our hard work paid off as we accomplished a three-note autonomous run.

In the upcoming week, our plan is to explore the possibility of utilizing Team 1114's practice field to enhance our driving and operating skills. As the competition dates draw near, the majority of our focus for the next week will be dedicated to improving the reliability of our robot and finalizing the autonomous functions.